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Skrevet af bjarne d. Januar 20 2009 16:21:35
Så er den gal igen EU Artckle 47
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Very Urgent Notice

EU Article 47 could destroy sea angling.

I attach a very urgent e-mail received from the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) which contains very disturbing news and inviting immediate action. Please do not let this one go unanswered if you wish EFSA to continue in the future and for all of us to enjoy seas angling as we know it today.

The most I can personally do is submit my personal protest and send a copy to all EFSA Scotland Members on e-mail and request they each submit a protect to their local MEP.

I likewise invite all Section Secretaries to circulate the attachment to their members and stress the importance of them each submitting their protest to their MEPs if possible but at least to their local MEP where applicable. Not all Sections are in the EU but any protest will still help and be very welcome to our cause.

I have also written to all the MEPs addresses given in the attachment and assume these are all Scottish MEPs. I am trusting the EFSA England, Wales and Ireland Secretaries to endeavour to circulate their members and MEPs.

I apologise for the very short notice as I only received this notice yesterday. Please do not delay - the meeting will take place next week!

Kind regards - Hamish

Hamish R Holmes

Gen Secretary, EFSA HQ

Se også de nedenstående link

vi må jo håbe at DHF samt DSF varetager lystfiskernes interesser ligesom EFSA og IGFA