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Skrevet af bjarne d. September 06 2009 12:12:10
Tyskeren Heiko Steinmetz har fanget en "Grander" på Cape Verde
Udvidet nyhedstekst

Den 2. september fangede Heiko Steinmetz en Grander på 1012 pund fra Øen Stk. Nicolau ved Cape Verde fra sin egen båd.

Heiko har haft en forrygende sæson og har genudsat mere end 100 Blå Marlin i 2009, bedste dag fangede han 12 ud af 27 hug.

Hans "Grander" er den største Marlin fanget på Cap Verde de sidste 3 år.


Her er Heiko's egen historie:

The grander ate a "BWF Grander 1238" lure from bluewaterfishing on the short rigger.

The big one always come when you don't expact it!

She nearly spooled me on the first run but the young man I teached running my boat when I am sitting in the fighting chair did a great job and chased the fish forward with over 20 knots.

I gained line back constantly and after 20 min the marlin stopped running and stayed just 50 meters under the boat. It took me an other 15 minutes with 65 pounds of drag to lift the heavy fish and my mate grabbed the leader and brought it in reach of the gaff.

I left the chair and was able to set a flying gaff and the huge marlin was alongside the boat. When I measured her massive tail girth of 21,5 inch I hoped she can break the magic 1000 pounds mark.

Back on the weighing station she did, even with an empty stomach the marlin weighed 1012 lbs. The biggest marlin out of the 350 blues I caught so far and my first grander! I was sooo happy and made a nice party that night.

The fish was donated to the local hospital.