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Skrevet af bjarne d. September 12 2010 07:38:01
Når uheldet er ude, kan det koste liv......
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These are photos of the Water Dog, a charter boat out of Jupiter Inlet trying to run the inlet in a bad following sea this past weekend 9-4-10.

If you look at the sequence of pictures you can see that the boat runs over a wave and comes down the front of it and stuffs the bow in the back of the next wave.

The boat broaches and almost flips ejecting the captain, as I understand it his neck got broken in the fall and he was unable to swim.

They brought him to the hospital in a coma and he died earlier this week.

It just happened that a professional photographer was taking pictures from the jetty at the inlet and caught this as it happened.

It's a warning to all of us that are boaters to never run over a steep wave in a following sea especially if the next wave ahead is real close.

I made this mistake early in my boating career and lost complete control of the boat and it almost flipped like in these pictures.

They say experience is the best teacher but unfortunately you get the test before the lesson.

I was really lucky and the boat managed to right itself and I and my crew were no worse for the wear but I learned never to do that again and to ride the backs of waves going into an inlet.